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Long Lasting Records Falling (Sunday, January 9th)
Silent Thunder on 01.09.11 @ 02:21 PM CST [link]
A belated happy new year to everyone!

To start off with the new year, MegaDestructor9 announced that he has broken yet another of the site's longest lasting world records. The record for Chinese Burns now stands at an amazing 27.8. Like Dead Fraction from the previous update, the old record holder was the legendary Snoozer, who achieved a time of 28.5 way back in 2003, and since then no one has really come close to matching that mark. Until now, that is.

MegaDestructor is only the second person to ever break 30 seconds on the stage and the first to bring us a video of it being done. It's a very entertaining one at that. Definitely check it out. Note that 7 of the kills in that run were made while unarmed.

MegaDestructor also lowered his own record on Adios Amigos! from 15.7 down to 15.2 Awesome work!

An Update?! (Friday, December 17th)
Silent Thunder on 12.17.10 @ 11:20 PM CST [link]
It's been a long time between updates, but a recent TS2 world record definitely deserves some attention.

Snoozer's 49.8 record on Dead Fraction was one of the longest lasting records on the TS2 ranks. That record has finally fallen, but it's not just the fact that it was beaten so much as the amount by which it was beaten.

MegaDestructor9 recently achieved an astounding time of 44.9 smashing the old record by nearly 5 whole seconds.

A huge congrats goes out to him.

Quick Update (Sunday, April 11th)
Silent Thunder on 04.11.10 @ 01:33 PM CST [link]
Right now I just have time for a quick update. If you haven't been watching the message boards since the last update, you've missed three of the best world records in TS2 history courtesy of MegaDestructor9. Do yourself a favor and watch them:

Golden Thighs - 21.9
Scrap Metal - 51.0
Adios Amigos - 15.7

Absolute Insanity (Friday, March 5th)
Silent Thunder on 03.05.10 @ 11:40 AM CST [link]
I've been insanely busy lately, which is why I haven't had the time to tell you about the insane world record activity that we've been having on TS2.

So let's talk about Batteries. Not the kind you put in your TV remote to make it work, nor the kind you stick under the hood of your car, but Batteries as in "But Where Do the Batteries Go?" Historically, this is one of the most played stages in TS2, so the 1:54.8 WR by Ace was pretty damn good. I say "was" because Ace decided he didn't want 1:54.8. His original 1:54.8 run rounded up from 1:54.7. So Ace decided to play Batteries again. He got no less than eight runs under 1:55 and another 1:54.7 that rounded up before finally getting a new WR. 1:54.7.

The effort need by Ace was tremendous, so when Matthijs Triep got 1:54.6 about two minutes after Ace got his 1:54.7, it came as a bit of a surprise. That's right. 1:54.6 seemingly out of nowhere. This new record now means that Matthijs holds all three Story Classic world records. A big congrats Matthijs.

There's more. I haven't mentioned Mega Destructor. He's been playing Shrinking from the Cold. A lot. First he got 23.4, which is a site record. Then someone told him that once upon a time someone had claimed that they got 22.9, but it was never proven. So Mega Destructor fired up his XBox and played more SftC. He next got 23.1, in which he made a few changes to where he stands to fire the grenades. He kept grinding at it and today announced an undisputed untied world records of 22.8...with a dam spawn. Absolutely insane.

Mega Destructor also got 13.3 on Trouble at the Docks, becoming the eighth person on this site to do so.

You Wanted More? (Monday, February 15th)
Silent Thunder on 02.15.10 @ 01:05 PM CST [link]
I sure hope you wanted more TS2 records, because we have two more courtesy of MegaDestructor9. First up is Gone Bananas. He was able to tie the 39.6 mark set by that Silent Thunder guy, and he claims that lower is possible, but would be very, very hard. I have agree with him.

Mega Destructor took a short break after that but returned with a sub-20 Adios Amigos time. He wasn't satisfied, and slowed chipped away until he got the insane spawns necessary for a 16.4, beating Mattijs Triep by only a tenth. It'll be interesting to see what's next from MegaDestructor9. Congrats!


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