1. What happened to NGC-Elites?
It was brought down by an automated attack program that took advantage of security vulnerabilities in the old site code. The exact vulnerability proved extremely difficult to trace and fix and so the site was taken down.

The new site focus on the Timesplitters games, which were by far the most popular on NGC. Much NGC's site design was reused, so the look and feel is very similar. The new site uses a completely different updating system (similar to that of the-elite.net) in an effort to be more secure than the old site. Be sure to check the How to Join for more information on setting up a score page so that you can participate in the rankings.

2. I was already a member of NGC-Elites. What about my old scores?
If you were a member of the TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters 2, or TimeSplitters: Future Perfect rankings on NGC-Elites, then it is very likely that all of your scores were saved and a score page has already been made for you. To get control of your page and start updating your scores, you'll need to set up an account with a web host and transfer your score page over.

It's not too terribly difficult, so check out the How to Join for step by step instructions on getting your score page online.

3. Why do my scores not show up on the rankings?
The updater of the site probably needs to run an update. If the message boards are active and players are posting their new scores in the PR Thread then the rankings usually get updated twice a week. If the rankings aren't so active, the they tend to get update whenever someone posts their scores in the PR topic. So participate on the message boards!

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